1995 - Imagination came into existence

Jewellery manufacturing was dreamed of and started by a mother-and-son duo -- a bag in hand and nothing to lose.

1996 - Crafting a vision

They wanted to be in control of the manufacturing process from beginning to end, and in control of the goods. So, they setup a workshop in a room at home and hired their first 2 employees.

1997 - First leap

The mother-son team soon realized that operating working from home is not conducive to growth. So, they shifted their base to a small commercial property - now with a work force of 6

1998 - The inception

The ‘Studio Rêves’ company and brand was established in 1998 by the Menda family. The Mumbai-based family-run business quickly went from strength to further strength.

1999 - Hard work reaps success

The new millennium started with a bang – Studio Rêves was invited to be part of the DTC Millennium Marketing Program in 1999, after winning the prestigious De Beers International Millennium Design Awards. For almost half a century, the Awards discovered and celebrated brilliance in diamond jewellery design. Winning entries required jewellery designers to create exceptional jewels with strong narratives, meticulous detailing and fine craftsmanship.

2000 - Pan India operations

Under DTC’s NAKSHATRA program, Studio Rêves manufactured and sold its products to showrooms around India and moved to a bigger unit with a team of 40 people.

2002 - Never stop growing

We moved to a large unit with a bigger team. We not only increased the workforce and space, we also invested in a new state-of-the-art manufacturing unit.

2003 - A unique identity

The ‘Studio Rêves’ Copywrite was applied for. Never share the Legacy you create with sweat and blood!

2010 - Time to pivot

After NAKSHATRA and MILLENNIUM in 2010, the company made a strategic decision to shift focus from wholesale mass market to customised fine jewellery.

We moved to our current location.

To support its new B2B model and vision, the Company invested hugely in cutting-edge manufacturing technology and processes and quickly became a very highly sought-after manufacturing brand reputed for its high-quality fine jewellery. The ‘Studio Rêves’ brand not only saw great success working to absorb itself into an existing market space, it literally raised the bar of manufacturing quality in the industry, and continually does so.

2012 - Change is the only constant

We re-evaluated our goals. We altered our strategy to make fine jewellery with a super specialised focus on finer details and perfect finish. We consumed 6 kilograms of gold per month in jewellery production and manufactured about 10 pieces of jewellery per day. We started redefining our processes and derived better ways to do the same thing. We became a supplier to major sightholding companies.

Studio Rêves loves building jewels from scratch, with care and precision at every stage, using the best technology and techniques available to bring out the potential of the unique concept of every different item. It doesn’t matter how small or big a piece is, how unique or ordinary the stones are, we make whatever we make in the best achievable way. We treat each piece like our very own baby, which will proudly carry our name.

2016 - Adapt to progress

Our wisdom and decision in 2012 seemed to reflect some wisdom, as it led us towards being recognized amongst the best-of-the-best in the world! We were ready to market our jewellery, which met the best international standards, under our own name. We created and launched our line of jewellery 'Studio Rêves' and marketed it internationally.