Welcome To Studio Rêves

The 'Studio Rêves' brand and company is part of the Group Company Grandlifestyles Pvt. Ltd. "Grand" was derived from the initials of the Menda family: father – Ghanshamdas, mother – Renu, and sons Anuj, Niraj and Dheeraj, who are all Directors.

Studio Rêves is a family-run full-service fine jewellery manufacturing house. Under this brand, we make top-quality diamond and precious-stone studded jewellery in gold and platinum. We create both women's and men’s jewellery.

Our clientele includes esteemed diamanteers, high-end jewellery retailers, as well as jewellery manufacturers who discreetly outsource part or end-to-end processes to us.

How Studio Rêves ensures your customers keep coming back for more:

Hand-in-Hand with Technology

We keep our  state-of-the-art manufacturing facility up-to-date with the world's best machinery, materials and processes for all types of machine and man-made jewellery, allowing you to stock cutting-edge designs. We have top-class CAD software, CAM, 3-D printing machines, laser cutting machines, casting machines, etc. 

Award-Winning Designs

Our accomplished, award-winning jewellery designers create one-of-a-kind designs, and do wonders in throwing creative spotlight on unique large stones.

No Cutting Corners

We use only the best alloys and soldering materials.

Focus on Detail

Our obsession with detail and perfection drives us to create fine jewellery with the most exquisite finish and structural integrity. We conduct thorough quality checks at every stage.

Bespoke Approach. Everytime.

Each piece is treated with a different approach based on the design and outcome requirement.

In-depth Domain Understanding

We are known to convert the most vague, difficult design ideas of our direct consumers into stunning pieces of jewellery.

Transparency & Communication

For commissioned work, we keep our customers in the loop at every stage of manufacturing. For clients who don't want the hassles, we create pieces for ready viewing too.


We love to work with stones clients provide or are just as happy to source from our trusted suppliers.


All for one, one for all. It takes teamwork to make a dream work.